Instant search is a must requirement for almost every e-commerce site. Snappy Search provides customers a very convenient method to find out instantly, what they're looking for.

Type and get search results instantly

When you start typing in the search box, products begin to be deployed instantly automatically. The buyer can click directly in the elements of search and find out what they're looking for. The search provides in real time, the image of the product, the title, the price, etc, all completely custom.

View instant searches

Search suggestions are in real time, that is to say instantly, without delay, its buyers deserve that experience.

Analysis of search data

You can find out and analyze all pattern search and history reports and control panel:

  1. Records monthly and weekly search

  2. keywords of search daily

  3. page destinations for several terms of search

  4. terms of search

Easy installation and integration into your store

Install the application. Our team of programmers is responsible for everything to be automatic.

Integrates with

    • search,
    • in site search,
    • product search